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Project type:Live action & 3D
  • Concept Development
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Script
  • Budget
  • Production Management
  • Film Shoot
  • Photo Shoot
  • 3D production
  • Post Production
  • Sound Effects
  • Mastering
  • Social Media Adaptations
We’ve partnered with BRIO for over 10 years in various constellations, growing and developing their film expression continuously. Based on their play philosophy every project is approached with a fresh mindset and endless possibilities. It's as if every few months we get to be Tom Hanks in BIG! Can you imagine?

BRIO Smart Tech Sound

We’re off to see the world and more. With BRIO Smart Tech Sound you can decide to go anywhere your heart desire. Just name the place and you’ll be there in no time. The only travel ban in existence is the edge of your imagination.

Brio Smart Tech

BRIO World provides a real railway adventure. This film takes you inside the imagination of a child. BRIO’s playful technology - Smart Tech - puts kids in even more control of endless play possibilities. To bring the BRIO expression to the next level we developed a more realistic environment to emphasize the fine line between imagination and reality. Just imagine if you had endless possibilities. Where would you go? All aboard!

BRIO RC Race Car

Drivers wanted! Get in pole position with BRIO’s latest build. With a few practice laps around the room your young ones will be ready to race in no time. Hours of fun will make the whole family feel like winners. (Does not come with Champagne.)

Brio Builder

BRIO celebrates childish creativity and fun. So when they asked us to help them visualise the endless possibilities of BRIO Builder we put on our hard hats and got to work. With a rhythmically thumping track we let the pieces move in and out of figurative and open ended play. This was truly a project with all play and no work.

Brio My Home Town

A music video for the youngest. That was our starting point. Using analogue noises like the human voice, plosive- and animal sounds we complement a rhythmical journey through a friendly and familiar world.

Brio Safari

Fly into the lion’s kingdom. There’s time for some monkey business along the way. This is the wild side of BRIO World.

Brio Police

This is one from the bucket list. A getaway chase scene :D We went old-school for inspiration. Drive, The Blues Brothers, Cannonball run, The Italian Job (1968 original of course), Ronin, The French Connection and all time self-evident #1 - Bullitt. We thought we would mix it up with five different types of vehicles involved in our chase. 6 million Youtube views later it seems to have hit the mark. What is your favorite getaway movie? Let us know.

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