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Project type:Live action
  • Producing
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  • Film Shoot
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  • Social Media Adaptations
MECA is the most understanding car expert in all of Sweden. That was the idea we helped Garbergs Malmö portray in a humorous SoMe specific series of short films.


Another MECA therapy session on the books. Once again we were sourced by Garbergs Malmö to help produce this tongue in cheek take on a car psychologist. With a product offer angle we come even closer to the characters guided by Malin von Werders steady hand and her director partner in crime Felix Andersson.

MECA Car psychologist

While some have no trouble changing tires or tinker with the crankshaft most of us dread an insistent service light on the dashboard. MECA’s car psychologist handle both the mechanical problem and emotional stress.

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