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Sparbanken Skåne - 
Sparbanken Skåne - 
Sparbanken Skåne - 

Project type:Live action
  • Script development
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Budget
  • Film Shoot
  • Production Management
  • Post Production
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Social Media Adaptations
Free money! That’s what Sparbanken Skåne donate when giving 30% of their profit to social societies, youth clubs and volunteer associations.

Sparbanken Skåne 2021 TVC

We got knee deep in the loamy soil of Skane, Sweden. A region NY Times rated among the top 10 places to visit just a handful of years ago. All in an effort to show the rich diversity of life, culture and people. You see that’s the core business of Sparbanken Skåne. A well established local bank we have the pleasure to do repeat business with, thanks to the good people at Ehrenstråhle. Like icing on the spettekaka the track is composed by local talent Panda da Panda. (We’re hoping the full track will drop soon)

Sparbanken Skåne TVC

We teamed up with Ehrenstråhle to create a brand spot for the bank highlighting the good they do for civil society. While the financial support means everything to these organisations the invisible good it does is little known to the public. The film ran on movie screens, TV and social media showing what life may be like without the economic donations. So, please Sparbanken Skåne, keep it coming, so we don’t have to get used to bagpipes in the sauna. You know, there’s no volume control on those things. Who knew?

Upside down

When the world went topsy-turvy! Ehrenstråhle moved quickly to help Sparbanken Skåne reposition their campaign to navigate the new circumstances. We joined in to turn things right side up.

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